Participation On This Atlanta G6ten Web Site

This is the Networking and Service Side of G6ten.  Here, we together embrace one another as Scripture clearly illustrates and instructs us to do.  G6ten is the business side of our mutual relationship as believers, disciples and followers of Jesus Christ in business.

Internet technology today has certainly made it more possible to expand our reach, and our ability to serve and to help one another... and do so quite painlessly.  This is the purpose of G6ten, and having a direct focus on our business lives.

G6ten is about us... Actually Talking To One Another...
If you won't talk to one another, there is little point to being here

Please See Why G6ten:

Participation in G6ten is by member invitation only, and is preceded by a one on one conversation with the founder (me) Michael Eilermann

Participation begins with a simple business listing That listing is for those seeking to make their products and services available to the Family of Faith.  That listing also opens the door to new connections and enhanced business networking.

Participation On This G6ten Socially Enhanced Web Site
Participation here is for those business believers who truly believe our Scriptural callings to one another, and can and will embrace the other participants on this web site, as we all seek to help, serve and support one another.

Let's be clear... the extended member connectivity is intended for those who choose to be more participative among one another... this is a communication platform for those choosing to care!

Participation includes full use of this G6ten communication platform
** Personal Profile Page
** Personal Blog
** Up to Two Business Product and Service Listings
** Complete Networking Functionality
** Ability To Share & Post Events
** Add Photos and Videos
** Adding Articles through the Web Site WIKI
** And much more...

The First Six Months Participation On This Site Is Zero Cost (FREE)
With Your Paid Up Basic G6ten Participation - $35 Per Year

$36 / Year or $3 Monthly Credit Card Subscription

In addition to the basic $35 per year G6ten business listing

Contact Michael Eilermann For More Information & Invitation To G6ten

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