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G6ten Business Networking

General Discussion (0)

General Forum Discussions

Giving God The Glory (0)

Please share how God has been working and showing up in your life and in your business... Others Need To Know!

Assistance Network (0)

NON-BUSINESS Who Needs What - This is one of the most important things we can do for one another. Post how we can help you or someone you know... let us all come together to resolve those needs.

Business Needs (0)

Who or what do you need now

Business Promotions (0)

What are your current promotions and opportunities

Business Updates (0)

Tell us what's new with your business and how we can help you

Networking Requests (0)

Who would you like a new connection with?

Talents and Gifts Availability (1)

Share here your talents, gifts, knowledge base and resources that others may seek you out.
Last reply on Michael Eilermann Business Networking / Income Development Sep 19th 2012

Seeking Products and Services (0)

What products and services do you need, that others could assist you with?

Member Recommendations (0)

If you have something good to share about another G6ten member or participant, please do so here

Introductions (0)

Who would you like to share with the membership or introduce to our participants for networking purposes

Job Seekers (0)

If you are seeking a new job, share your need here

Open Positions (0)

If you know of an open position, please share it here

Member Inspirations (0)

These can be shore inspirational quotes, stories, and/or encouragement for one another.

Volunteer Needs (0)

Please share any needs for volunteers here.

Donations (0)

If you have something to donate for a worthy cause, please share it here

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