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An Atlanta Christ-Centered, Others-Focused Business Community
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G6ten Stands For Galatians 6:10
"So then, whenever we have the opportunity, let us work together for the good of all, and especially for those in the Family of Faith".

G6ten Is That Opportunity... For Those Business Believers Who Take This Seriously!

About This Web Site
This Is The Networking Site for G6ten.net

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This site can stand alone, however the main purpose is for integration into our main web site, www.g6ten.net , and to provide our participants with accepted internet based tools for sharing and business networking and business development which provide immediate sharing and updating.

We are here to actually help and serve one another...
Life and business is sometimes just too hard alone...
God gave us to one another for a reason... this is one of those reasons!

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Michael Eilermann
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Dec 21st 2016
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Loving In Business - Ultimate Law of Attraction
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Posted on April 8th 15
Introduction to Body, Family & Community
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Posted on February 20th 15
Introduction To G6ten
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Posted on February 20th 15

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